Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Character and the Good Life

Readers of this blog will probably have noticed that not much has been happening here lately. I've gone back and forth, several times, about the aims and scope (and name!) of this blog over the years. I think the best use of this online space is to focus in on the topics I am currently researching and writing about, which are usually related to virtue, vice, character, and human flourishing. So "Character and the Good Life" seems like an appropriate title.

I will post some of my own work here as I think through whatever projects I'm working on at the moment, with the hope that readers will give their thoughts and feedback in the comments or via email. I will also occasionally comment on the work of other philosophers. This blog will focus on scholarship, then, but my hope is that it will also be accessible to the interested reader who is not a professional philosopher. Of course, since it is just a blog, after all, I may post about other items as well, including The Arsenal, Sporting KC, politics and the news, academia, and whatever else I get motivated to write. For those interested in work online that is written for a wider audience, see my blog at the Psychology Today website, Ethics for Everyone.

I will soon offer a series of posts related to character and the virtue of humility, as I am still at work on a book-length treatment of this character trait. I look forward to your feedback!

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